Discover the fascination of Lake Superior shipwrecks through the eyes of a child in this new book available now.

Retired Wisconsin teacher Kathy Groth – with the help of stunning underwater photography – dives deep beneath the waves of the Big Lake to bring the riveting stories of shipwrecks across the centuries in SUNKEN Shipwrecks of Lake Superior. Plunge into the intriguing story of Chase, son of a wreck diver, as he discovers these stories through the help of the mysterious Bri. They trek above and below the water and to multiple maritime heritage sites along the shores of the Big Lake.

As a teacher, mom and grandmother, the author uses her keen sense of how to engage young readers and infuse an appreciation and interest in this amazing Great Lakes heritage and lore. Adults and kids alike will be taken by the rich collection of historic and underwater images from local divers, maritime historians and others, as well as the maps, Big Lake facts and resources to continue exploring! 

Sunken Shipwrecks of Lake Superior

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Early praise for SUNKEN …

“It’s been a real pleasure to read through Kathy Groth’s SUNKEN. It’s a great summary of Lake Superior’s maritime history, and the shipwreck remains preserved there, to say nothing of the various institutions and public attractions available to us today.” – Pat Labadie, Great Lakes maritime historian

“Wow!! What a great book. I think adults will like it, too. I want a copy!” – Brendon Baillod, maritime history collector

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