About Me

Kathy (Ackley) Groth lives in Wisconsin, with her husband, Chuck. They raised two daughters and now have five grandchildren she loves very much!
Kathy enjoys the blessings of family and friends, gardening, reading, cooking, boating and traveling.
Kathy’s career in elementary education spans over 30 years. Her love for children and children’s literature has always been her inspiration. The idea for her first book, SUNKEN, was driven by Kathy’s daughters who became interested in shipwrecks on a circle tour of Lake Superior when they were very young. After an exhaustive and unproductive search for children’s books about shipwrecks, Kathy decided to write one. Twenty-eight years later the book is finished, and Kathy is proud to be able to present it to you.

People say, “Do something that you are passionate about”. While finishing SUNKEN, Kathy discovered what having a passion really means-not wanting to stop working at the end of the day or being anxious to get back to it in the morning. She is motivated to share this passion with young and young at heart readers, future authors, and those seeking something more.

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