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Around the Circle This Week: October 27, 2022

by Konnie LeMay October 27, 2022

Steeped in Shipwrecks: Although the topic of Kathy Groth’s book SUNKEN The Shipwrecks of Lake Superior might be a little spooky, our news is definitely not. Kathy’s book has received the honorable mention in the Children’s Literature category of the Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards. “Whether read cover-to-cover or delved into for specific information, this comprehensive resource on shipwrecks of Lake Superior has so much to offer readers of all ages. Beautifully illustrated and meticulously crafted, this is an excellent addition to personal, classroom and school libraries,” said the judges, organized and presented by Lake Superior Writers.

Kathy says she was pleasantly “shocked” on hearing about the honor. “There was a down year in 2021 due to Covid-19, so the competition was two years (2020 & 2021) worth of nominees. That made winning extra special!” Also, since the NEMBA awards are presented to books that substantially represent northeastern Minnesota in the areas of history, culture, heritage or lifestyle, she adds, “As a retired teacher, that made me very proud to represent the history and culture of northeastern Minnesota. I celebrate this award with the publisher, Lake Superior Magazine.”

The book is Kathy’s first publishing experience, so we asked her to look back on her contacts with readers that she’s most enjoyed. “My most rewarding experiences with SUNKEN is meeting so many new, interesting people. I have met divers, family members of ship crew members, shipwreck aficionados, teachers who teach about Lake Superior … but the most interesting experience was a young boy who came to my book signing at the Bookstore in Fitger’s. He had bought the book on his family’s circle tour of Lake Superior in Michigan and had already read it by the time he got to Duluth. His parents said he just loved it and absorbed every bit of information about the shipwrecks. He was asking me about my favorite wreck and sharing his favorite shipwreck stories and why. We had such a fun conversation! There is so much enthusiasm for this book that it keeps me energized!” Spoken like a true teacher. Congrats, Kathy.


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