Sunken-Shipwrecks of Lake Michigan



Available November 2023

Enter the world of underwater history and mystery to see what lies beneath Lake Michigan
through the eyes of a child…
Meet Chase, a boy who conquered his fear of deep water while exploring shipwrecks on
Lake Superior with a new friend he met at the museum, Bri. Bri, short for Brizo, is a girl with
incredible knowledge about the wrecks, storms, and heroes of the Great Lakes.
Using a magical map, the two begin an adventure that allows them to time-travel back to
the day of some of the most horrific wrecks in Lake Michigan’s history.
With Bri’s guidance, Chase experiences the harrowing details of each of the ship’s final hours.
How did the ship sink? Why did it sink? Was it wrecked due to a storm, fire, ice, collisions,
faulty materials, or human error?

ISBN: 979-8-9887488-0-9 published by Loon Calling Press

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About the Author
Kathy (Ackley) Groth lives with her husband Chuck, in Northern Wisconsin. Kathy taught elementary school for many years. She and her husband Chuck raised two daughters and enjoy the company of five grandchildren. Now retired, Kathy shares her passion for education through children’s literature, inspiring curiosity and wonder in children through her second career as an author.

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