Sunken-Shipwrecks of Lake Superior



Imagine seeing the secrets in the icy depths of Lake Superior through the eyes of a child …
Meet Chase, a boy who is afraid of deep water, but fascinated by shipwrecks, and Bri, a girl who knows an astonishing amount about the freshwater sea’s wrecks, storms, and heroes.
Together, they reveal the mysteries of the ships beneath the surface and those that simply vanished. With the aid of a magical map and Bri’s guidance, Chase learns that deep water has fascinating tales to tell.

First Edition-June 2021 ISBN: 978-1-938229-56-5 Lake Superior Publishing LLC

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About the Author
Kathy (Ackley) Groth lives with her husband Chuck, in Northern Wisconsin. Kathy taught elementary school for many years. She and her husband Chuck raised two daughters and enjoy the company of five grandchildren. Now retired, Kathy shares her passion for education through children’s literature, inspiring curiosity and wonder in children through her second career as an author.

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